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[IP] Re:diabetics in movies--Steele magnolias

I have had bad reactions and also woke up in the hospital.  BS was 24.  I 
have also slapped my neighbor and spit orange juice in her face when 
myhusband needed help controlling me!  My very first time with BS that low my 
body literally slammed into the wall on it's own.  (One would have thought I 
was possessed or something had they seen me!)  I was home alone and belly 
crawled to the kitchen and ate a whole bowl of sugar.  These episodes, thank 
God, were many years ago, way before home BS testing.
If I act silly my 16 year old daughter asks me if my blood sugar is okay!  
Sometimes it's not.  Sometimes I answer, rather goofy, I don't know.  She 
then makes me test.  My 5 year old knows how to run the tests she just can't 
read them!
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