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[IP] Re: Lantus

Endo had me try Lantus about nine months ago. Upon "waking up" after the first
night of using it, both my wrists hurt really bad. I got a friend to drive me
to endo, who said Lantus couldn't have caused wrists to hurt like that. He
said I must have fallen. As it turned out, that was the case. In the middle of
the night, I got up, although I don't remember it. Glucose level must have
been very low, because I evidently tripped and fell so hard into the bedroom
wall that there is a hole in it (although I don't remember that, either). As I
found out later, there also was blood on the carpet, from my head, and the
collision with the wall. Anyway, the Lantus was taking me real low for 10
hours, and after that I was going real high. (So much for its even
distribution throughout the day.) After 3-4 days of this, I threw the Lantus
in the garbage can. On the pump now, and still have highs and lows, but
nothing like those 3-4 days with Lantus. So, it didn't make me crazy, but the
results almost did.

I've seen a lot of people talking about Lantus on the
list recently, and I was just curious if anyone had a
similar reaction to mine (my endo hasn't seen one, so
it may just be me...)
Lantus made me crazy! Within 3 hours of my first
injection, I started having wild mood swings - I would
cry at the drop of a hat (I'm not a crier!), would
snap at people, and act completely irrational. I
lasted three days before I had to go back to Humalog
and NPH. (Luckily, I went on the pump shortly
thereafter and would NEVER go back!)
Anyone else have a wacky reaction to Lantus?
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