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[IP] Re: Lantus Side effects etc.........

After being on Lantus for a year, I never had any mental effects that I was 
aware of using it- I did find that I became somewhat concerned over it's 
effectiveness when left out-  Simply put, if I had a bad day with high BS'g 
unexplained, the Lantus got thrown out- It was NOT common in my case...just a 
few times- For me, I would not take a day off the pump using Lantus-  It 
takes a couple of days to calibrate-  For just a pump day off, not 24 hrs, 
but maybe 10-12 hours, I find that just going to Humulin R every four hours, 
calculating my dose at 1.5 times what I would use in the pump for the same 
time frame, works for me- If I eat a big meal, I just take more R- My control 
is typically in the double digits using this method but I test EVERY hour 
when I do this- I don't use a pump site (existing site) for taking my R when 
off the pump- I use my arms and try to give my pump sites a break- Of note, I 
found that just a few units can make a big difference with how well the 
Lantus worked-  I took about 70 units a day- If I had a leak after an 
injection, or ended up taking a few units more because of slow day planned, I 
paid for it- My BS'g swings, depending on my physical activity of the day, 
were a lot better controlled via my Humalog injections...after awhile, I just 
took the same amount of Lantus no matter what and adjusted my BS'gs with 
short acting insulin and diet- I hope this insight helps but it is not 
intended to be medical advice, just shared experience- 

Bryon Veal
email @ redacted
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