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Re: [IP] diabetics in movies...Steel Magnolias

As to the question about the way they showed a low blood sugar/reaction in 
Steel Magnolias, does it really happen like that.....

When I was pregnant and for the first year after my daughter was born I had 
MANY episodes of VERY LOW blood sugar and I would wake up in the hospital. I 
went into full seizures with convulsions and everything, not remembering a 
thing. My family all told me it was always very scary when it happened. 
I did not have any other episodes like that after the first year after 
Jessica's birth until about 4 years ago and then I all of a sudden started 
having the seizures again, and my blood sugar was always very LOW !
Luckily I have not had a seizure in 2 years. 
Hoping the pump will prevent the low blood sugar/reactions!

Happy Pumping !
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