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Re: [IP] 508 pump failure, back up plan

> Today my pump completely died. I was first having trouble with the
> keypad and called Minimed for assistance. They were great and are
> going to send me a replacement pump by tomorrow but I am kind of
> panicky about my sugars not being hooked up to it. A couple of
> months ago someone listed a site and it had some sort of list of
> suggestions of what to do if your pump failed. If anyone at all
> remembers the site could you please list it again or email me
> privately. I appreciate anyone's advice to. I currently don't have a
> diabetes dr because I just had mine leave so I am just closely
> monitoring my bloodsugars and came to the IP group for suggestions.
> Thank God I found this group!

1) talk to your medical team
2) what has worked for us has been to inject regular for basal 
insulin and fast acting insulin for meals and snack through the 
infusion port. It's easy to stick the syringe in too far and puncture 
the tube on the other side so be careful if you do this. Lily 
injected regular every 4 - 5 hours and had as good or better bg's 
than with her pump. Longest she's done this is three days.

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