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Re: [IP] is diabetes considered to be a disability

At 04:57 PM 7/4/02, you wrote:
>To address what some others have said, I do agree that it is not the
>diabetes itself that is disabling it's the complications.

Ok, I've got to jump in here.  I think that the diabetes itself can be a 
disability.  Maybe not the kind that calls for special parking spaces but 
other considerations.  For instance, pre-pump (back in the days of demon 
NPH and R) I HAD to eat at particular times of the day or I could end up in 
serious trouble.  If I had an employer who would not let me take a break to 
test my bg or get a snack, I could have had serious consequences.  So, just 
having diabetes could call for some special consideration at times.  My 2 
cents worth.

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