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[IP] Something to ponder

As the man lay in his hospital bed,
With no family or friends,
Waiting for that last breath,
Waiting for the final end.

Hoping the nurse would come back,
With the crying baby down the hall,
Hoping he could hold on long enough,
Before the final curtain call.

As he heard the baby yesterday,
Wheeled right outside his room,
The feeling of enjoyment he felt,
Would not leave him too soon.

He had thought back to his life,
His complications and trials,
His illnesses and weaknesses,
His rebutions and denials.

None of that mattered now,
As he lay there in his bed,
Waiting for the baby to cry,
To lock that feeling in his head.

As his sightless eyes started to close,
He knew he had nothing else to give,
But he heard that cry once more,
Now he knew that he could finally live.
We have got to look at the little things in life that make us feel good.
don't harp on things that have happened, but make what we have good last
forever.  We must use all of our trials as stepping stones and not
walls in our path.
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