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Re: [IP] Re: Lantus and Pumps

> My daugher has a 508 Minimed pump.  She also lifeguards 5-6 days per
> week.  She does not wear her pump when lifeguarding.  Her endo suggested
> switching to lantus, because N just wasn't doing it for her when she was
> lifeguarding.  She has tried it one day using the dose the doctor
> suggested, but her blood sugars were high the entire time - obviously,
> not a large enough dose, which she will increase.    The next day
> (yesterday), she did not have to work, so I told her to use her pump for
> the day.   Does anyone know if it's ok to switch back and forth like that
> - lantus some days and the pump other days?
>     Thanks for any suggestions~~~!!!

NPH reportedly hangs around for a while which could make switching back and forth 
difficult. Has she tried regular every 4 hours to cover basal -- direct injection 
into the infusion port??? This has worked well for Lily using the same total 
basal dose for the 4 hour period. You might want to speak to your med team about 

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