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Re: [IP] Animas R1000 switchover from MM 508

At 04:22 AM 7/5/2002 email @ redacted wrote:
 >Never had to
 >do that many for corrections in a day.  At 8:00 PM,  I finally was in the
 >normal range (89).
 >Went to bed last night and was 151.  Fasting test this AM was 
202.  Bolused 8
 >units to cover the high and the donut I had for breakfast.  1.5 hours later,
 > I was 294. Bolused 10 units,  an hour later I am 249.
 >I am at wits end,  and am really thinking about going back to my 508.  Any
 >comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I went from a MM 507 to an Animas in March. I personally would have changed 
the old set, before using the new pump. You also have to recognize that the 
Animas delivers insulin differently than the MM. Instead of doing it 
gradually, it's pushing it through much more quickly. This may make a 
difference in your absorption rate and you may need to change your basals, 
insulin/carb ratios (etc.) a bit to accommodate this. I would recommend 
testing a lot more frequently during the transition to the new pump (just 
like you did when you first started the MM 508) to try and figure out the 

Have you had any training on the new pump? Although I thought that the 
instructions a pretty clear, there are a enough major differences between 
the two pumps that you really do need to break a number of old habits. I 
would either talk to your doctor, a CDE or call Animas to schedule some 
hands-on pump training as soon as possible.

(who loves his new pump)
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