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[IP] Animas R1000 switchover from MM 508

Anyone have any bad experiences switching from a 508 to the R1000?

I finally decided to switch from my MM 508 to my Animas R1000 yesterday.  
Glad I waited until I had a day off to do it.  Had problems with it.  

First,  I chose to use the same infusion site I had in the last 2 days with my 
508, as my BS had not been over 130 those last 2 days.  I figured the site was 
working just fine.  Got the R1000 cartridge filled and into the pump,  primed 
(which I must say is much better than the 508 ), and then connected. Tested my 
BS and was 150.  Then I went out and mowed the yard.  Other than being super 
hot and tired from the mid day Florida sun,  I felt pretty good.  Then I jumped 
into the pool.  I was nervous about it as this was my first time in the pool 
with the Pump on.  Kinda cool though.  Swam laps for about an hour and then 
started to get sick to my stomach.  Went inside, tested and was 364.  Bolused 
12 units, as I have a correction ratio of 1 unit per 20 over 120). Waited 30 
minites, tested again, and was 319.  Replaced the infusion site and 30 minutes 
later I was 300.  Laid in the bed for about 30 minutes,  tested again and was 
290.  I think I bolused about 50 units for corrections yesterday.  Never had to 
do that many for corrections in a day.  At 8:00 PM,  I finally was in the 
normal range (89). 

Went to bed last night and was 151.  Fasting test this AM was 202.  Bolused 8 
units to cover the high and the donut I had for breakfast.  1.5 hours later,  I 
was 294. Bolused 10 units,  an hour later I am 249.  

I am at wits end,  and am really thinking about going back to my 508.  Any 
comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for listening.

Andy J.
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