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Re: [IP] ADA - "disabled"

snip>>I am a proud mother and a proud and able diabetic.<<

Dear Ann,

Bravo to you and your son!  While other people are complaining about 
being labeled "disabled," you and your son recognize that the label 
is meaningless as far as defining who you are and what you can 
accomplish.  You are both living proof of that!  On the contrary, 
that label helps "ensure" your right to live your life to its 
fullest, providing accommodations when and if needed.

My Wester's dictionary gives three definitions for disability, one 
being:  a disqualification, restriction, or disadvantage.

I think we will all agree that diabetes is a restriction and disadvantage.

There are different degrees of disability...varying from person to 
person.  Diabetes in and by itself does qualify as one by the above 
definition.  Type 1 diabetics not being able to get a commercial 
pilot's license or serve in the armed forces are "restrictions." 
Having to inject insulin because your body doesn't produce any is a 

Why on one hand do we fight for a cure, complain about not having 
one, about the general public not understanding how horrible this 
disease is, insurance problems, financial difficulties, 
complications, fear of complications, job discrimination, school 
discrimination, etc., etc., then turn around and say it isn't that 
big a deal, certainly not a disability?!!  We can't have it both ways!

Cindy, mom to 15 y/o Noah
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