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[IP] changing the subject to lantus

The new endo went on to tell about Lantus. She prefers to use this over the
pump at least initially.  I have no experience with Lantus and I would
appreciate feedback from other parents about it and how it compares to the
this doc is taking refuge under the lantus umbrella. lantus is ok if you
like injecting for every meal or food morsel u\you eat. it is hard to screw
up dosing with it so you don't have to know much to use it. I have had a
single episode of DKA on the pump once you know your basal rate the pump is
much better than lantus. the difficult aspect for docs and pumping is
realizing you need to be on target with basal calculations. a swag will not
work. i notice it is difficult to get a straight answer from docs who have
little or no pump experience. dont be afraid to ask the obvious. how many
type 1 patients have you initiated pump therapy on, how have they done. If
lantus becomes the topic of this questioning find anotyher doc. Usually the
CDE knows more about it than the doc. spot
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