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[IP] Not Disabled but rather differently-abled

I need to add my 2 cents on this....

I do not consider myself to be disabled as I am able to walk without 
assistance.  Which was not the case 6 months ago when I used a scooter to get 
around at Disney - I've lost 35# and I can walk several miles now.  Rather, I 
consider myself to be "differently-abled" as I don't use food energy as 
"normal" people do.  I am in a good work situation as I am a partner in a 
small drafting office and my other partner has type 2 (and cared for her type 
1 mother for several years) therefore, understands what problems I can have.  

I've had my pump for almost 14 months.  Pumping has helped me achieve better 
control of my levels (and I test 4-6 times per day) and the small changes 
that my eye doctor saw prior to pumping have cleared up.

I participate in the "Pump Show" demonstrations that my Endo's office has 6 
times/year as a living demonstration and source of experience and 
information.  I willingly answer all questions since good information is the 
best way for people to understand that, while I am a person that has special 
needs, I know how to take care of myself (making me an enabler).  That is 
what makes me Differently-abled.

As for giving up my pump:  Until there is a cure, they will have to pry it 
out of my cold dead fingers!

So I put forth this suggestion:  Whenever you or your loved one is called 
disabled, turn it around in your mind into differently-abled and keep smiling.

Katherine Nelson & MyHope (the pump)
dx T2 '86, T1 '96, MM 508 since 5/15/01
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