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[IP] Re: diabetics in movies

> I was watching  "My Wife & Kids* sitcom yesterday, I think it was, and the
> mother-in-law was offered a dessert. She said, "You'd just love for me to
> have dessert knowing I'm a diabetic and would go into insulin shock!" - I'm
> paraphrasing but that's pretty close to what she said. grrrrrrrrrr (~_^)

LOL oh dear.....out of curiousity, when was that show made?

As for movies -- anyone ever see ConAir?  One of the guys on the plane
that gets taken over is a diabetic and misses his shot.  He has his
insulin with him, but all his needles got "broken" when the plane was
taken over, so he couldn't take his insulin.  By the end of the movie,
he's near death, but Nicholas Cage manages to get a new syringe at the
last minute (finds it in a first aid kit), gives him his shot, and in
about 10 seconds he's back on his feet like nothing ever happened.

Okay -- depending on what insulin regimen is being used, it's just that
possible someone could go into DKA that quickly if  they didn't get
their scheduled shot (although if I remember right, they had his
character behaving more like someone with low blood sugar than high --
he was sweating, etc., and I don't remember any remarks about being
thirsty or having to go to the bathroom!)  BUT, his instantaneous
recovery once he got his shot was just comical.  Uh....no.  I don't
think so.  When I was in DKA (when I was first diagnosed) I was in the
ICU for several DAYS, and feeling rotten pretty much the whole time.

And I'm not sure how exactly ALL his needles "broke" so badly that it
would be futile to even attempt to use them, either!  It would have been
a little more realistic for his insulin vial to have broken (although
those are pretty durable too!).  But I"m guessing the writers just
couldn't think of any way for Nicholas Cage to come up with a new vial
of insulin to "save the day".

Also, for books -- the "pre-teen" series The Babysitter's Club (I don't
know if they're still putting those books out) has a teenage character
who's diabetic.  Even though I'm not exactly in that age group, I read a
few of them out of curiousity after I was diagnosed to see how they
handled it.  Some of the books in the series are better than others.  A
few were fairly accurate, but in a couple of the "worst" ones, they
implied that the diabetic girl would probably drop dead if she were to
touch a piece of candy!  But yet, she could eat popcorn, chips,  and
other carby snacks at will -- as long as they didn't have a lot of
"sugar" in them, I guess!

In one book, she's babysitting a child who also has diabetes, and she
absolutely panics when the child has a low blood sugar (the child
remains conscious and able to eat).  She acts as if she's never
encountered such a situation before.  She doesn't give the kid "sugar",
she gives her an orange, and then rushes her to the doctor when her
sugar doesn't go up right away (when what she really needed to do was
keep feeding her!).  True, for most people it would probably be
"scarier" treating a child in your care with a low bg than treating low
bg in yourself, but still -- her reaction just didn't seem realistic for
someone who has diabetes and is undoubtedly absolutely familiar with how
to treat low bg.

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