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Re: [IP] humalog refrigeration

Well you can't always believe companies who make money telling you 
that your insuling "might" be going bad.  A bit of conflict of 
interest here, don't you think? They also tell you that once the cap 
is popped off a needle poke in, the insulin should not be used after 
28 days EVEN IF LEFT IN THE FRIDGE.  There must be thousands of 
diabetics whose practical experience says this is not true.  I've 
kept bottles after opening for months.
       Furthermore, most pumpers will often sleep with part of the 
cannula between 98 degree body parts, or between the 98 degree body 
and the bed for 8 or more hours.  This heat doesn't denature the 
protein in the tubing.
   Yes storage in heat can be bad, and a few days at 115 might indeed 
do damage, but for most houses with temps even in the high 80s or 
nineties, a few days out of the fridge will  do little damage.

<<<<<<<<I beg to differ!
Humalog will start to denature at temperatures above 86 degrees.  Dependent
on where you live you may not want to leave your Humalog or any other
insulin at room temperature.  Where I live the summer temps run to 115 and
I do not cool my house when no one is home.  It is often close to 100 in
the house during the middle of the day.
In the Lilly brochure for Humalog it says "Humalog should be stored in a
refrigerator", it "can be kept unrefrigerated, up to 28 days, as long as it
is kept as cool as possible, below 86 degrees" .
Tnx, Corky>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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