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[IP] ADA - "disabled"

I am very close to the world of "disabilities" as my son is a paraplegic 
(technically though not practically quadriplegic) due to a car accident 
resulting in his paralysis from the chest down.  Though there is a resistance 
to the term "disability" there is also a need connected to it.  My son resists 
the term "disabled" though he is paralyzed and in a wheelchair.  He works full 
time, drives with hand controls, water and snow skis with "sit skis", hunts and 
just brought down an elk, and on and on, but still, there are times he needs 
accommodations.  No disability is generic.  As diabetics, we all have varying 
degrees of control and need for assistance, understanding or accommodation.  
When first diagnosed 8 years ago in El Paso, TX, no one around knew of diabetes 
or its idiosyncracies.  It was considered by my boss (the President of the 
organization) to be ridiculous that I might need to eat between 12 and 2 pm 
when things were busy.  Thank God for ADA!  At the time, I was not on a pump, 
and scheduling was crucial.  I cannot tell you how many times I shook and 
stumbled for words during a meeting when all I needed was a few carbs.  Please 
do not consider it a negative to be classed with the "disabled."  The word 
sucks, but the need is genuine and must be dealt with.  We must accept what our 
needs are and demand that those needs be met, regardless of where that puts us 
in the classification status.  Unfortunately, as we all know, there are many of 
our peers and superiors who have no clue of our needs.  We must be ready to 
educate without being offensive or whiney...  only my opinion.  I am strong and 
ready to deal with my diabetes, but also ready to request and demand the 
necessities for my survival.  My DISABLED son has taught me much in the 14 
years we have dealt with it, and I continue to learn.  DISABLED is NOT a dirty 
word.  There are prettier ones, but much time has been wasted on 
the "politically correct."  I am happy to receive individual messages regarding 
this subject.  I am a proud mother and a proud and able diabetic.
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