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Re: [IP] FW: The Pump Market - A Market in Turmoil: ADA Highlights


Did you look at where the list came from?

David Kliff is an investment analyst who specializes in companies that are 
in the "diabetes business".    The list contained things that can and will 
impact the profits of companies that do business in the diabetes industry 
and for investments are important.   (Did you go to the web site?)

At 10:50 AM 07/04/2002 , you wrote:
>In a message dated 7/3/2002 11:48:57 PM Mountain Daylight Time,
>email @ redacted quoted David Kliff:
> > 1. The Doc's love Lantus.
> >
> >  As I've reported before Lantus is the newest long acting insulin from
> >  Aventis (NYSE:AVE). The basic problem for pumps is that using Lantus
> >  patients can now achieve control with less hassle.  No calibration
> >  issues, no counting carbs and it cost less.

>The Docs may love Lantus, but Mr. Kliff obviously doesn't know anything about
>living with diabetes and using Lantus -- achieve control with less hassle and
>no counting carbs?  try 6-8 shots a day (and how do you achive control and
>figure out your Humalog/Novalog doses if you're not counting carbs ???) . . .
>and what about the precise dosing and variable dosing needed for things like
>dawn phenonmenon, exercise, etc. etc. that the dose of Lantus you took last
>night can't adjust for ?!?!?!

And making all those adjustments, how many times is the outcome still out 
of our control?   (How much energy, even with the pump, do you use trying 
to keep your daughter "safe"?)

>I won't take issue with what he had to say about the business side of things,
>but, man, I wish this guy knew a little more about what he was talking about
>re: Lantus vs. Pumping . . . I mean I'm glad Lantus is there because if Katie
>was ever forced to go off pump for a long period of time (and believe me
>she'd have to be FORCED) we'd never go back to NPH -- but there's no way the
>Lantus could come close to "Elvis" (her Animas pump) in terms of control and
>easy of use .  .  .

David Kliff appears to say (at least to me) that there many be a financial 
impact on the pump companies because of Lantus.  In addition to the 
competition from new pump companies.

His statement was that patients not on the pump can have better control 
with less hassle.  If you had been able to get better control for your 
daughter without a pump, might your decision have been the same?

I believe "problem" means impact on income for pump companies.
"The basic problem for pumps is that using Lantus patients can now achieve 
control with less hassle."

I am sure Mr. Kliff is somewhat aware of what it's like living with 
diabetes since he personally has Type I.

>Pumpmama to Katie

Take what you like and leave the rest

Jim S.
email @ redacted
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