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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #438

> The Docs may love Lantus, but Mr. Kliff obviously doesn't know anything
> living with diabetes and using Lantus -- achieve control with less hassle
> no counting carbs?  try 6-8 shots a day (and how do you achive control and
> figure out your Humalog/Novalog doses if you're not counting carbs ???) .
. .
> and what about the precise dosing and variable dosing needed for things
> dawn phenonmenon, exercise, etc. etc. that the dose of Lantus you took
> night can't adjust for ?!?!?!
> Sheesh!!!!!
> I won't take issue with what he had to say about the business side of
> but, man, I wish this guy knew a little more about what he was talking
> re: Lantus vs. Pumping . . . I mean I'm glad Lantus is there because if
> was ever forced to go off pump for a long period of time (and believe me
> she'd have to be FORCED) we'd never go back to NPH -- but there's no way
> Lantus could come close to "Elvis" (her Animas pump) in terms of control
> easy of use .  .  .

As a user of Lantus for several months now (my pump start is a few days
away), I have to defend Lantus.  Most people are not ready, or can't afford,
nor will insurance cover a pump.  Lantus really is the next best thing.  One
shot a day, and you get basal coverage all day long.  Yes, there are things
you can't account for that the pump does...but, it does a good job.

Actually, though, prior to Lantus, I used to take NPH 4 times a day (instead
of the usual 2) because I could get better control.  I was able to better
simulate differing basal rates to account for the dawn phenomenon, etc.  My
doctor had never heard of anyone doing it...but after I told him I was doing
it anyhow, he managed to run into a fellow doctor at some conference who was
doing research in that area (4 shots of NPH a day).   But, I switched to
Lantus even though I really can't get better control because it really is
much more convenient.

I have to agree with you regarding the whole not Carb counting part.  To me,
the greatest revolution in diabetes care in the past 20 years (since I was
diagnosed) was not any particular insulin type...but carb counting!  I now
eat whatever I want whenever I want.  I eat close to 300 carbs daily now,
and have better control than I ever have.  (A1c was 7.1 at my last visit
using Lantus and Humalog).

I look forwad to my pump...but I do think it will be more hassle than
Lantus...but the hassle should be worth the benefits.
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