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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #438

> I was told by a representative from E.Lilly that if kept refrigerated and
> unopened, the insulin should stay good until the expiration date on the
> box.  Un-refrigerated and/or opened, you should use it up in 28 days or
> dispose of it.  My endo also recommends the same.

I have noticed that if I am not careful to replace my Humalog bottle prior
to the 28 days, even though it may be half-full...I and up finding my blood
sugar levels start going up and up. I can tell a big difference rather
quickly.  (In other words, on day 27, everything is fine, and by day 30, I'm
having trouble getting my BG levels down..  This, of course, is for the
unrefrigerated bottle.
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