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[IP] Re: Lantus and Pumps

Maybe this is not for everyone, but I plan on using both Lantus or pump 
therapy to control my diabetes over the next several years.  Anyone else 
already and/or considering doing this???  For me, to use just one therapy 
long term is tough.  You either run out of decent performing sites with a 
pump or you grow weary of 6-10 injections a day.  And both ave their other 
mental challenges.  But utilizing both therapies has worked very well for me- 
(Things I won't do is ever go back to NPH or an insulin premixed of 70/30 
etc........or a finger stick blood meter.  One Touch Ultra for the arm is 
priceless-) Pumps are great but if possible, consider a pump vacation via 
Lantus once in awhile- Or in my case, a Lantus vacation with a pump, har!  

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