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Re: [IP] is diabetes considered to be a disability

At 08:33 AM 7/4/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>Actually, here in Canada you can get a tax break for having this sort of
>disability.  At least you can if your child requires extra care.  That is only
>fair if you asked me.  However, unless your diabetes has left you unable to
>walk, sarcastic little comments like getting handicapped parking tags is just

It sure the hell is.  Ahh shit I know I should keep my mouth shut but I 
just can't.  These snotty little comments are really truly MEAN!!  I sure 
as hell no one finds out the way I have about the need of handicap 
parking.  ARG!!!  I was in an accident 9 months ago.  Thank God my walking 
err not walking very well at all and not long distances is only temporary 
but I tell ya those handicap parking spaces can sure be a life saver.  I 
have always been really annoyed with those that use the spots that don't 
have the sticker and / or really don't need it.  I look forward to the day 
I can hang mine up in the trash, at least I have the option where others do 
not.  It has also been an eye opening experience for me and I am on a 
mission to attempt to changes things here in AZ.  Half the time there are 
not enough handicap parking places or idiots that aren't handicap are using 
them.  And yes I mean selfish, inconsiderate idiots!!

Just the other day I went to the pharmacy and both spots were taken by two 
vehicles that had no sticker.  I had had it and wasn't in a hurry so I 
called the police.  To make a long story shorter, I ended up having to call 
this other number and request if I wanted a call back.  Which I did.  I 
learned that the police department sends these assholes a nice little 
letter explaining the fines etc. of parking in a handicap space.  The 
police officer told me that only two people can issue tickets, Police 
Officers and ACE workers.  I jokingly said, so how can I become one.  She 
says, well you can volunteer and then you too can give 
tickets.  Woooooooooo Hoooooooooo.  I can't wait.  I will take such 
pleasure in handing out those tickets.  What really ticked me off too, was 
one of the people came out to the car that was parked illegally.  Young 
gal, caring a baby.  I asked her if she had a sticker, she said no.  I 
won't tell ya what I said.  Anyway her excuse was that it was too hot and 
she "didn't wan to leave the baby in the car and she was too heavy to carry 
further."   Now that's a good one.  I told her that I had to park a ways 
away and because of her I could lose my million dollar legs!

>  Do you know how many people suffer or are in wheel chairs and cannot even
>walk that short distance from the parking space unattended?  I think that you
>need to get over your phobia of what a disability really is.


>getting off my soap box now....

why?  :-)  I liked it.

To address what some others have said, I do agree that it is not the 
diabetes itself that is disabling it's the complications.

Ok, I'll get off my soap box.

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