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Re: [IP] is diabetes considered to be a disability


I ran into the same thing in my job recently(for the phone co.)  First of
all I had been fired for something I didn't do 2 years ago after the
arbatration(which I won), I was told I have to get a DOT, which I knew I
wouldn't pass from past experience.  The co. was basicly forced to let me
drive a non-DOT vehicle(read truck with ladders insted of a bucket truck).
They did say that I was suposed to have a DOT to be in my position but they
were waiving it since I couldn't get one and that I just would not be able
to drive a bucket.  I even looked into getting a waiver for the DOT from the
RMV but because the co had dropped the requirement noone would sign the
paper work saying it was required for my job.  Therefor no waiver.  The
coffee co would have to drop the requirement for a DOT if it was possible
but it is possible that all they have in their fleet are DOT vehicles.  And
if this person were required to be able to drive for them in an emergency
situation not having the DOT would make that impossible.


> > A few years back I was trying to get employed
> >  by a coffee distribution company as a reginal manager. Since they were
> >  distribution, one of their hiring policies was to pass a DOT physical.
> >  failed since I was diabetic. I called the company and they said sorry.
> >  wrote to my senators about the DOT physical guideline and was told that
> >  diabetes is under the ADA, however, it doesn't apply to government
> agencies.
> It really pisses me off that the governement can be exempt from something
> like the ADA (but that's a whole other rant . . .)
> First of all, I can't imagine that a coffee distribution company is a
> government agency.  And if so, the government agency exemption from
> the ADA guidelines wouldn't apply.
> But, the main issue I see doesn't have anything to do with the ADA:
> they require their regional managers to drive a comercial vehicle, passing
> DOT physical would not be a legitimate requirement for the position an
> clearly discriminatory (but not necessarily under the ADA).
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