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Re: [IP] Hallucinations?

A week after I was released from the hospital after diagnosis, I had a
humdinger of a hypo.  I saw snakes and lizards in the grass and swimming
around in the toilet.  Of course, in those days we had no way of knowing what
our bgs were, and I thought my mother was crazy when she insisted I get out my
chemistry set to check my urine!

Mom had me drink some juice and eat a hunk of french bread with peanut butter.
It took a while, but I must have finally climbed back up into normal range.  I
was weak and tired afterwards, but this, too, passed.

I don't think I was jerking or in a pre-seizure state, but it scared the heck
out of me.  I've never had a reaction quite like that again.  I'm just usually
out in "la-la" land, and have very vivid, weird dreams, that I can usually
remember quite well.  Sounds like you handled it quite well.  Is it possible
your daughter needs to have her basal adjusted?


Kathy Fagan
Dx 10/68, pumping 12/17/82
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