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Re: [IP] is diabetes considered to be a disability

In a message dated 7/4/02 12:17:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Jef, this does not bother me at all...I cannot work because of the diabetes.
> Everytime I work or go to school I get sicker and sicker untill I end up in
> DKA. Couldn't complete high school or college, held several jobs, all with
> the same result...a hospital visit. If it was that diabetes was considered a
> disability, I would be SOL with getting any moeny coming into my household.
> I am not married either, so my disability chekc is the only money coming
> into my household. It also would mean that I would not have any insurance at
> all.
> Cherry & Wild Cherry Jubilee also known as Shrieking Shrew

Hi Cherry
I know exactly what you mean.  I have tried so hard to control my diabetes 
all my life and try to live normally.  Before I was diagnosed with diabetes 
at the age of 10 I was a completely healthy, pretty much happy little girl.  
I was diagnosed over the summer and the next school year things just started 
to go downhill.  And every year after that it continued to do so.  I actually 
had elemetary school friends tell me that they didn't want to be my friend 
anymore because I was "never there".  At 9 my IQ tested at 160, I was doing 
math on a 9th grade level and my reading and comprehension was that of a 1st 
yr college student.  I LOVED school and learning but I simply could not be at 
school enough to thrive the way I should have.  I still maintained good 
grades, but I knew that I was just coasting through and could have done so 
much better if I had felt better.  Technically, I failed 9th grade because I 
had missed too many days of school.  My parents managed to have me promoted 
anyway so I graduated on time.  I was accepted to the only college I applied 
to (it was the only one I would consider..LOL.....silly girl).  And I did 
manage to get my degree but it was difficult.  I missed classes constantly 
and was in and out of the hospital regularly.  I remember taking exams and 
thinking "geez, I know nothing about this!"  As it turned out, I did know 
something, just enough to get me through, but again, I know I could have done 
better if I hadn't been dealing with the difficulty of controlling my 
diabetes and the complications that resulted from my not being able to do so. 
 After graduation, I was immediately hired and started a job that I 
absolutely loved.  The problem was that I was sick so often that I couldn't 
maintain it.  I can't tell you the number of times I have heard "You are a 
wonderful employee.....when you're here......"  not only at that job but at 
every one I have held since then.  No matter what I did, I couldn't keep 
myself healthy enough to work for any length of time.  It has been 5 years 
since I have worked, much to the detriment of my family.  We were forced to 
file bankruptcy last year after almost losing our house, our car, pretty much 
everything we had.....and all this was because of me.  I didn't want to face 
it....and sometimes I still don't......but I am disabled.  The complications 
of diabetes along with depression make it all but impossible for me to work.  
I finally gave in and applied for SS disability this past March but have yet 
to hear from them.  I am SO glad to know that the ADA protects the rights of 
diabetic children in schools.  It wasn't there when I was young and I 
suffered for it.  I am also glad to know that it protects the rights of adult 
diabetics in work situations.  I would have felt much more secure knowing 
that I had that protection when I was working.  Don't let the label 
(disability) get in the way of what it's trying to do....protect us from 
being discriminated against.

Also to Gina who said <If you want your diabetes to control your life instead 
of you controlling your diabetes, then you are a disability unto yourself. It 
only controls you if you let it.  It's all in your mind. >  I admire your 
determination but everyone is different.  Please don't make someone feel less 
of a person because they can't "control" their diabetes.  It isn't always all 
in your mind.

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