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[IP] FW: The Pump Market - A Market in Turmoil: ADA Highlights

This show is barley two days old and I'm convinced that the insulin pump
market is headed for trouble. Here's why:

1. The Doc's love Lantus. 

As I've reported before Lantus is the newest long acting insulin from
Aventis (NYSE:AVE). The basic problem for pumps is that using Lantus
patients can now achieve control with less hassle.  No calibration
issues, no counting carbs and it cost less.  

2. There are several new therapies in the pipeline that look very

3. Although DI doubts inhaled insulin will become a reality, there are
other delivery methods that offer alternatives to pumps.

4. For reasons I can't understand more companies are entering the pump
market. Quite frankly, there isn't enough business for the current
players. All new players will do is drive the cost down and kill

5. It doesn't help any that we're in the midst of a slow economy and
pump prices remain high.  The bottom line with insulin pumps is that
MiniMed was able to get the low hanging fruit on the tree. Medtronic
VASTLY over paid when it bought MiniMed and now they're not sure what to
do with the company. With the market grow slowing dramatically, MiniMed
has pinned its future on the
continuing sales of disposables. But compitition is coming here as well.
Perhaps this why MiniMed President Terry Gregg has decided to leave the
company. Now the real question is how does Medtronic (NYSE:MDT) justify
this BILLION purchase to it's shareholders. 


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