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Re: [IP] IV Prep pads

> I was just wondering if there's any reason to prefer the Smith + Nephew
> "IV Prep Pads" that Minimed sells ($12 for a box of 50) over regular old
> alcohol wipes that you can buy at the drugstore for < $2 for a box of
> 100?  The labels on all the boxes I've looked at (including the IV Prep
> pads) list the active ingredient as 70% isopropyl alcohol.  Is there any
> difference other than the price?
> Laura

The label of active ingredients looks the same (70% Isopropyl Alcohol)
because they are both classified as Antiseptic Wipes. But what is actually
important is the "inactive" ingredient (Butyl ester of PVM/MA Copolymer) in
the IV Prep. This is  a polymer that leaves a very thin film adhering to the
skin which provides an improved surface for the adhesive on the infusion set
to adhere to. The result is usually improved adhesion of the set. It makes a
big difference for me but apparently some people do not realize the same

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