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[IP] Is diabetes considered a disability

If you want your diabetes to control your life instead of you controlling 
your diabetes, then you are a disability unto yourself.

It only controls you if you let it.  It's all in your mind. 

YES, my diabetes has led me to have kidney failure (which is considered a 
disability) but I don't let dialysis control my life either.  I just see it 
as something that makes me stronger.  I could go out on disability instead of 
work, but then what the hell would I do with all my free time?  I can only 
spend so much time sitting around on my butt, and no need to feel sorry for 
yourself, it just makes you weak, so get up off your butt and do what you 
want to do!!!  

It's all in your mind !!!!!

18 years Type 1
3 years hemodialysis
full time mom
part time accountant
full time nursing student
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