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[IP] Re: Traveling with Pump supplies

Arianna - I travel quite frequently and NEVER check my bags. Here are some 
of the things I have encountered and how I back.

To answer your questions see where I inserted what I have been through-
>I have not been on a plane since last year before 911 and I know allot has
>changed.  I am traveling coast to coast soon and would love any advice from
>those who have traveled with their pumps and supplies.
>1)  Did it cause you any problems in the scanning
>2)  Did they ask you about your pump ?
I have found that if I remove the majority of your metal objects, watch 
necklaces, spare change, etc. my 508 does not cause the detector to go off, 
however, IF and I mean IF, the security people are alert and sees my pump, 
they usually question me or ask me to remove my "pager". I tell them that it 
is a medical devise that is attached to my body and show them the tubing. 
Once I had to actual open it up and show them what was in side. What happens 
depends on the person working security and how busy the airport is in 

>3)  Do you have to have the prescription for your Insulin with you ?
I do not carry a prescription for my Insulin unless I leave the country and 
then I might be able to use it to get a refill.

>4) Did you carry all your pump supplies with you, or divide it up between 
>the luggage and a carry on?

All my pump supplies are in my carry-on bag, only once did I have to remove 
it and that was because it was a small commuter plane that could not 
accommodate my bag on the plane, so I took the supplies with me on my lap.

>I will be going through Denver, Seattle, Kansas City and Charlotte.

I have been to all 4 airports post 911 and had the most questions asked in 
Denver, due to the Olympics and KC because of its size.

I hope this is of some help.


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