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RE: [IP] humalog refrigeration

> I have mentioned this before and I will restate it again today's
> insulin DOES NOT require refrigeration.  Today's insulin is a
> synthetic product. Medical technology has replaced the pork (and
> other animal)insulin that we were once required to use and it
> required  refrigeration. In fact if you refrigerate your insulin
> than put it in your pump you can get bubbles.

E.Lilly specifically states that their insulins (all of them) should 
be referigated if possible to extend their life. At normal room 
temperature, Humulin and Humalog lose appx 1-1 1/2 % of strength per 
month. The process is very non-linear. In a frig, the same 
deterioriation takes months. At elevated temperatures like a truck or 
hot mail box, insulin can be destroyed in a matter of hours. This is 
direct from E.Lilly.

They do have shipping and handling guidelines that I have not seen, 
but I've been told by their in-house people that they've had some 
knock-down drag-out confrontations with some of the mail order 
pharmacies about shipping practices. You will note that most of them 
now ship in chilled/insulated packages.

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