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Re: [IP] Pump Accessories


I've been pumping for several years and have YET to
buy any of the gadgets.  For loose clothing (dresses)
I use the pager-type clip on my 507C & clip it to top
band of my underwear.  Seems to stay put (& if it
doesn't I've been seen groping myself in public to
readjust).  For fitted dresses, I clip it to the
center of my bra in front.  I don't have much cleavage
& have been asked a couple of times why I appear to
have 3 breasts.  That question has yet to receive an
answer :-)

For more formal events I either shove it into my panty
hose & hope the velcro doesn't cause a run - or I pin
it to my bra (same place I mentioned above).

Experiment for yourself before you invest in the
supplies.  Sometimes MM offers a "freebie" with a
certain purchase.  The Animas rep I'm working with to
get my new pump seems to be very nice.  I won't be shy
about asking him to comp me some stuff if I need it.

good luck & congrats!!

-gail in denver
41 y/o. dx T1 02/14/72. pumping for a while.  At dx,
was told I wouldn't live to see 40.  HA!

>I have just received my Animas pump and am waiting 
>for training to be scheduled.  I am sure the 
>questions will start flying as I get hooked up.  For 
>now, I am wondering what some of the women use to 
>secure the pump under clothing.  I have seen the 
>thigh thing and bra pockets and before I spend money 
>on these items, I would love some feedback.  I have 
>vascular insufficiency and would be concerned about 
>attaching anything constricting to my legs and 
>thighs.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  I 
>wear a lot of loosefitting dresses, but sometimes I 
>wear fitted ones.  Also, I want to express my 
>appreciation for this wonderful group.  I know, as I 
>move forward, I will be more involved.

>Best Regards to ALL,
>Rosalie  Dx 1964 Type 1

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