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Re: [IP] is diabetes considered to be a disability

I already responded to this thread once, but I wanted to also say thank you 
to Wierd Jenn for her work on the ADA.  And Sylvia's post (below) reminded 
me that I'm actually really worried about a diabetes/job problem.  I'm a 
criminal defense attorney and I visit my clients in prison.  I haven't been 
to prison since I started the pump in april and I have left my job and won't 
be working for a while, but I am really concerned about what I'm going to do 
when I do try to make a prison visit.  Are they going to let me in with my 
pump?  The prison officials I've dealt with in the past certainly would not 
have.  This problem is really not so different from a person in wheel chair 
who doesn't have access because there's no ramp.  I think that the ADA would 
certainly cover this problem as it is obvious that allowing me to wear my 
pump would be a "reasonable accommodation."


>As for school age children and those adults in school as well, diabetes is
>considered a disability and you are able to have special arrangements made
>for taking tests and what-not while in the school setting.  There may be 
>professions that would also required special circumstances, ie: being given
>time to eat a special snack, check BGs, do injections or whatever.  So, 
>though you might not consider yourself 'disabled' there may be certain
>circumstances that do require special consideration.
>mom to Joshua
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