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Re: [IP] is diabetes considered to be a disability

>I've been DM T1 for just over 30 years.  Never had to
>use the ADA to protect myself - but I'm thankful it's
>there if I need it!!

I used the ADA to protect myself (or, really more to fight back because it 
takes quite a while to do its magic) six days after I was diagnosed with 
type I at the end of my third year of college.  I was diagnosed the week 
before my final exams and, obviously, I lost that whole pre-exam week to 
being in the hospital, learning to do shots, learning how truly horrible 
insulin can be, and being increadibly depressed.  I asked my school for one 
make-up exam (took three when they were scheduled) and they would not give 
it to me (policy was that, if I was ambulatory, I had to take the exam on 
time) and, in fact, failed me for the course.  So, I filed a complaint with 
the dept. of education's office for civil rights and a year and a half later 
won!!!  I got back my tuition and my GPA and my dumb school got in big, big 
trouble.  I was awfully happy that it was there for me, though I do hope 
that I never need it again.


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