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[IP] Re: Mold & Mildew

Many health problems can be caused by mold and mildew.  Some houses have been 
condemned if mold is found growing in the walls.  Mind you, the following is 
an extreme example, but I know it to be true.  I have known two diabetics who 
have been made very sick by inhaling mold into their nose.  Neither of these 
diabetics have had their blood sugars under control.  Both of my diabetic 
friends developed a mold growing in their nasal passages which became very 
dangerous.  It was my understanding that this particular mold is found 
naturally in the soil of some areas of the country.  Unfortunately, one of my 
friends was blinded by the mold because it spread into the eyes and 
eventually into the inside of his skull.  He underwent months of treatment in 
a hyperbolic chamber to get rid of the mold.  He has since passed away from 
complications of diabetes.

The other friend got to the doctor in time to have surgery to clean the mold 
before it spread to other areas.  I talked to the endo who was treating this 
friend.  I asked if this was something diabetics needed to be concerned 
about.  He told me that most people do not inhale enough dust containing the 
mold spores to be that concerned.  My friend was a farmer and was not wearing 
a mask to cover his nose while he was plowing the fields.  I was told by the 
doctor that uncontrolled diabetics have more sugar present in their soft 
tissues, such as the nasal passages.  Mold loves to grow in this sort of 
environment.  He said that taking normal precautions, such as wearing a mask 
when mowing the yard or working in soil, would prevent most problems.  He 
also added that keeping the blood sugars under control would help.  He did 
mention that it is unhealthy for any individual to inhale spores constantly 
and that the environment needed to be checked for mold if a constant musty 
smell was present.  Again, this was an unusual event to know two people who 
developed this condition.  One of them lived in Texas and was a farmer.  The 
other lives in Alabama and is still a farmer.
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