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Re: [IP] Traveling with Pump supplies

Hi Arianna
If you are traveling in the US (like you said) it's fairly easy to get supplies
if you run out or lose yours. I guess the best advice is to feel and know that
you really are not away from home. The whole country is your home and you can get
just about anything you need , anywhere.

My pump has never set off the machines at the airport.  There are a couple of
good web pages about how metal detectors work if you want to know more:

At one point, I was sewing a metal eyelet on the inside of my pockets, then
cutting the fabric in the middle of the eyelet so I could pass the tubing
through. That way I could keep my pump in my jeans pocket, and prevent the jeans
from fraying. The eyelet was setting off the metal detector and I thought it was
the pump. When the security folks saw the pump, only one asked me to take it off
and hand it over to her. This was before 9/11. After a while I realized I didn't
really need the eyelet anyway. So now I just have a small cut where I pass the
tubing through. Since 9/11 I *still* have never set off the security machines
with my pump.

For the glucometer I carry in my pocketbook, I got a palm case and velcro-ed
everything in so that things wont fall out of the case and I can test my blood
standing up, etc. if I have to.

I usually carry all of my pump supplies in my carry on and guard it with my life.
However, as someone in my pump support group pointed out the other night, if you
have a pump from one of the major manufacturers, you can get supplies overnighted
if you ever need to. MiniMed has a presence *everywhere* in the US. I think the
other companies also do.

I *do* carry an extra meter in my checked-in luggage in case the one in my
pocketbook has a problem. All my meters are from the same vendor so I can
exchange test strips, etc., if I need to.

The last time I traveled, I carried insulin and syringes in my purse. Nothing was
ever  questioned. I guess I was sort of angry at the time. I defied them to tell
me I couldn't carry my health supplies with me. I still have never carried a
doctor's note, a prescription, or a medical ID with me. My husband however has
been subject to "arms-up, leg spread wanding" while I patiently waited with my
pocketbook full of all those lethal things 8-)

Another thing I've done is when I know where I'm going, for instance I visit my
family in Connecticut (I live in California) I send a package of pump supplies,
and stuff on ahead of me so that if something really does happen, and I can get
to my folks house, I'll have stuff there I can use. I've mailed insulin and it
seemed to be fine. I tell my family to open the box and put the insulin in the

If you're traveling and for some reason you *really* can't get humalog, you can
order it from that place in Canada which will send it without a prescription and
it's about half the cost of a bottle of Humalog here.
(http://onlineinsulin.com/index.shtml) If you can't get to a computer, almost all
libraries have internet access now. You can order it from a library computer. OR
I figure I can always use Regular in my pump if all else fails. In most hospitals
in the country you can get syringes in an emergency hospital if you can some how
prove to them that you need them. I always figure I'll just let them test my
blood sugar and look at the results. Also, in my support group  a couple of
people pointed out that in most states you don't actually-technically need a
prescription to go into a drug store and purchase syringes. You just have to be
able to justify to the pharmacist that you need them. This surprised me. I
thought you needed a prescription.

Take addresses and phone numbers with you.

I'm sorry about the length of this. I don't usually talk this much but I've had
too much coffee today.


Have fun on your trip!

Sue K

arianna wrote:

> I have not been on a plane since last year before 911 and I know allot has
> changed.  I am traveling coast to coast soon and would love any advice from
> those who have traveled with their pumps and supplies.
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