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Re: [IP] is diabetes considered to be a disability

I've been DM T1 for just over 30 years.  Never had to
use the ADA to protect myself - but I'm thankful it's
there if I need it!!

Jen's description is exactly how I've interpreted the
ADA's rules re diabetes.  I want to be protected in
case something happens during working hours that could
put my job in jeopardy.  For instance, I could have a
severe low at work - such as a seizure.  And I've been
know to speak REALLY LOUDLY or burst into tears at
times with hypoglycemia.  Some folks (or bosses) might
think it is entirely inappropriate for someone in my
position to behave in that manner.

This has NOTHING to do with complications at this time
- just day to day living with diabetes.

-gail in denver
dx 02/14/72, MM507C, pumping +/- 15 yrs.  No
complications, just a wicked sense of humor.

><snip>diabetes certainly does not disabled a person 
>on an average day.  There really isn't anything any 
>of us can't do.

>The ADA would make sure that if a person needed to 
>take a five minute break during a workday to eat a 
>snack, their employer cannot refuse them, or dock 
>their pay beause of it.  (And, no I am not 
>exaggerating.  At one job I had, I was not allowed to

>take a quick break to eat (other than my half hour 
>lunch), and I was not allowed to eat or drink 
>anything at my desk.)

>There are a lot of different ways the ADA can assist 
>a person with diabetes. You just have to know where 
>to look.  I know this because I am one of the many 
>people who helped write and comment on the 
>regulations related to diabetes.

>Weird Jenn
>email @ redacted

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