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[IP] How to get more than one bottle or insulin a month

  I know this is a bit late on this thread, but today I had a problem 
getting 2 bottles of Novolog for Kayla.  Previously one bottle was 
enough, but she's growing and needs just over one bottle a month now. 
 Went to the pharmacy and was told that the ins. refused to give her 
more than one even though the endo wrote it for 2 bottles.  HOWEVER, 
after about half an hour we figured out how to get it approved, so this 
is for those people still having trouble getting more than one bottle 
even though the RX is written for more.

It turns out that the ins. co. knows Kayla's basal rate (I guess they 
get it from the endo) and they base her total monthly "insulin flow" on 
her basal rate.  Perhaps this is the same with other insurance cos???  I 
explained to the pharmacist that the basal only represents about half of 
the total insulin she uses, plus 20 units get wasted every time we 
change a site which is every 3 days (didn't need to tell him we stretch 
it past 3 days).  He called them back and they gave him a 'code' to 
enter in the computer and the extra bottle would be approved.  It turns 
out that the computer has to be told that the insulin is for pump use 
(sounds ridiculous to me) to override the 'flow rate' that it uses to 
determine how many bottles you really need.  It also was ridiculous to 
me that they didn't already know it was for the pump - I mean, they had 
her basal rate right?  Why else would you have a basal rate?

Anyway, if you are still having trouble, tell the pharmacist it is for 
pump use and to get the 'code' to override the computer.

mom to Kayla, 9yo, pumping 5 years
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