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[IP] diabetes/disability - heres an example

Our office just moved and we have a lot of new furniture - some we bought - some that was donated. Originally I thought we would have these blue chairs for our desks - but they ended up in a small conference room except for one person that already had one (my boss in fact) and the MIS guy who just nabbed one but isn't even using it. So instead we have these red ones that have a fairly narrow arm that comes up from the seat and is completely open at the back and narrows even more and is also shorter than the arms on the blue chairs. Well the first week I continually caught my tubing on the arm when I would get up and down and did eventually pull out the set - ouch. So I grabbed a blue chair which connects to the back and has an arm that is longer and wider - I haven't caught my tubing once - the big boss is not happy with me but so far he's letting me keep it without me having to get firm. So I guess that would be a "specific consideration".

Linda & Dax
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