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Re: [IP] is diabetes considered to be a disability

>Does this bother anyone else? This really bothers me. I am *NOT* >disabled. 
>  I may have this crazy disease, but I am FAR from disabled.
>I understand this is great protection for some, but think twice about
>calling *ME* disabled.

Well, diabetes certainly does not disabled a person on an average day.  
There really isn't anything any of us can't do.

The ADA would make sure that if a person needed to take a five minute break 
during a workday to eat a snack, their employer cannot refuse them, or dock 
their pay beause of it.  (And, no I am not exaggerating.  At one job I had, 
I was not allowed to take a quick break to eat (other than my half hour 
lunch), and I was not allowed to eat or drink anything at my desk.)

There are a lot of different ways the ADA can assist a person with diabetes. 
  You just have to know where to look.  I know this because I am one of the 
many people who helped write and comment on the regulations related to 

Weird Jenn
email @ redacted

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