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Re: [IP] Hallucinations?

Jan Said:

>Has anyone here ever had a problem like this?  Is it connected with lows?  
>My husband thought she was having a seizure the way she was jerking, but 
>she was awake and responding to us.  She remembers what she saw.

I have had this happen to me many times.  Three times this year, (once in 
March, and twice in May) I have had convulstions with low blood sugars.  
When I have a low I have very scary nightmares (when I've been asleep) and 
hallucinations.  It looks to me like things that are far away are *very* 
close and things that are fairly close look very far away.  A perception 
problem, I guess it would be called.

The nightmares I get are extremely vivid, and I suppose could be called 
hallucinations themselves, since many times I have been awake, but not 
realized it.  (it is difficult to explain.)

Weird Jenn
email @ redacted

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