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[IP] Hallucinations?


My daughter is 6 and has had her pump since Nov.  It has been 
wonderful!  She has been doing well, but we had a strange thing happen 
Monday, early morning.  She woke us up crying.  She was standing in the 
hall outside her room when I got to her.  Her heart was racing and she 
was awake.  She was seeing something in her doorway and was jerking 
uncontrollably.  She was terrified.  My husband took her downstairs and 
was holding her in the living room.  She said the piano was moving and 
other furniture was moving.  We checked her blood sugar and she was 60.  
We use the Freestyle meter and check on her arm, so we realize that it 
can be slower to register a low.  We gave her a juice box and a carb of 
vanilla wafers assuming she was lower than 60.  After 30 minutes or so 
she was fine and went back to bed.  Later she told me she saw something 
coming out of her door and her pillow was raising up.  She said she saw 
things coming out of her doorway when she was in the hall.  She had me 
beliving there was something there.  Her eyes were big as saucers and 
her heart racing.  It was obvious she was terrified.

I called her endo and talked to a nurse and she had never heard of 
anything like this.  We found a little information on the internet about 
it.  Has anyone here ever had a problem like this?  Is it connected with 
lows?  My husband thought she was having a seizure the way she was 
jerking, but she was awake and responding to us.  She remembers what she 
Thank you,

Charlotte, NC
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