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RE: [IP] Forearm blood

I am speaking from much experience here, I have done HUNDREDS if not
thousands of forearm tests for my job. We mainly use the Therasense
Freestyle. I found that people bleed differently so you must know your body,
also some medicines you are taking can effect your blood's viscosity.

With the freestyle lancet it only goes to 5, I suggest start at 3 & see if
you get enough to sample, if you don't go up a notch. Remember with the
Therasense you do not need a huge sample I have been able to take double
readings from a sample as little as a tip of a ball point pen. Here are some
Warm the test area with your hand first, you may be cold so you need to keep
blood to the surface.
Press down on your skin with the lancing device for 2 seconds before
shooting the lancet.
Test on the "fatty" part of your forearm, right between your elbow and
forearm pit.You will have a better chance of getting a sample and it is less
It doesn't matter what cap you use with the Freestyle, you can use the clear
so you can see if you want or you can use the blue opaque...it works the
same no matter which cap you chose and you DON"T have to change caps when
you change test locations.

It takes some practice to master using only a small sample of blood b/c we
are condition to use so much, learn about how your strip works and it will
help. I know with the Freestyle strips the strip "sucks" up the blood so it
is important to let it do the work by just placing the slit opening of the
strip perpendicular to the blood sample.

ALSO a side note.I don't know if this has been mentioned yet but we one is
going low it shows up in your fingers FIRST then you arm, so if you feel
like you are going low and you test on your arm you make get an inaccurate
reading, I recommend testing your fingers if you feel low.
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