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[IP] 508 bolusing itself?

    A coworker of mine has had his MiniMed 508 for almost 2 years. The other 
day he was absent from work, the next day when he came in, he looked 
terrible, and I asked him what was wrong.
    He told me that yesterday morning (in the middle of the night), his 508 
low volume alarm came on, he looked to see how much insulin was left in the 
reservoir (17 units), and then pressed the ACT button to cancel the alarm. 
    Then next thing he knew, his son was waking him up at 7:00 a.m., and 
feeding him o.j. and candy bars, and he had been sweating quite a lot, his bg 
continued to be low for most of the day. He said that apparently, by pressing 
the act button to view the volume left, the pump bolused the remaining 
insulin into him (17 units).
    He says he did not hear the "clicking" sound it makes when bolusing.
    His maximum bolus amount programed is 10 units, so how could the pump 
bolus 17 units all at once, and by itself? Has this happened to anyone else? 
Now he refuses to wear the pump, and he won't call MiniMed either.
                                Jan G.
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