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Re: [IP] Forearm blood

On 7/2/02 9:53 PM, "Ryan Bruner" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> For those who test using their forearm...how do you get it to bleed?  I set
> the depth to the deepest setting, and there is  very little pain...but I can
> hardly get any blood.  I tried it 5 times at one sitting with no luck.  I
> ended up back to my fingertip, using depth 2 versus depth 10 on the arm. I
> get MUCH more blood.  (I'm using a One Touch Ultra, so I don't need a lot of
> blood to begin with...but the forearm I can barely get any at all.)
> I'd like to switch to my arm since I'm testing much more often now that I'm
> starting on the pump.
> Ryan

Are you using the clear plastic tip on the lancet from Lifescan?  This will
allow you to see what results you can get from "pumping" the lanced site.  I
take an aspirin daily and it seems to guarantee free bleeding.  I did find
that the area a couple of inches from the wrist was better for me,  YMMV.

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