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[IP] Re: exercise and hypos and hypers

amanda grehan said:

>>> I do a 45 minute run then cycle,rowing etc.I turn my basal down
from 0.9 to 0.4 about one and a half hours before the exercise and i have a
20 carb snack prior to exercise.i take my pump off for 1 hour 9whilst
running). however, before the end of the run i normally go into a hypo and
have to stop exercise. if i reduce basal earlier then i go too high before
exercise and feel sick. sometimes i dont go low and can keep exercising.then
one hour after exercise ,my blood sugar rises from 5-14 and stays high for
about 4 hours. i done know what to do. i usually end up giving maybe a bolus
of 2 and increasing basal to 1.2.then about 6 hours post exerccise i have to
reduce basal again to 0.7 to staop going hypo although i oftern do wake up
the next morning with a hypo which then sends me into a high for another
couple of hours.i reaaly am stuck for ideas and my nurse or consultant say
to just do lots of blood tests. is it the hypo that sends me high or my body
kicking out sugar post exercise and what can i do.any ideas gratefully
received.also when i have a lo i sometimes disconnect for 30 minutes and
then go high after, should i keep the pump on? Amanda <<<

Insulin, in addition to lowering your bg, inhibits the dumping of glucose
into the blood from glycogen stores in the liver.  If you remove your pump
during your run, you enable this rise in bg from the liver.  Try reducing
your basal rate more than usual while leaving the pump connected to prevent
this rise in bg.  You may also need to increase your carbs before, and
possibly during, your run to prevent the hypo.  You might prevent the rise
in bg 1 hour after exercise by returning your basal rate to normal 1 to 1-=
hours before the end of exercise.  In addition, the only treatment for a low
is carbs.  Disconnecting for a low accomplishes little or nothing because it
takes 1 to 2 hours for the disconnected basal to take effect.
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