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[IP] Re: how long to adjust

Hi Karol,

I was one year older than you when I started---after 49 years of
diabetes---so welcome to potential pumping.  My husband was just telling
some people last night that he cannot believe the difference--more than 2
years later.  I had a terrible first month because my calculated initial
pump dosage was waaaay too high, and, I was not aware that there was such a
thing as an adjustment period.  I "think" I thought it would work almost
immediately and instead there were highs and lows that I was confused about
counteracting because it was so different from what I was used to.  The
adjustment is easy for some people and more difficult for others--you might
as well expect the best but at least you will be prepared for some possible
ups and downs---they are absolutely normal as your body and your mental
state adjust to this new system. It is definitely a learning curve and that
curve is quite flexible among the diabetic population.  And, although you
will think you have the hang of it after a relatively short time, it just
gets better and better as time goes by and you begin to see how you can more
and more finely control your blood sugar.  It is an amazing experience to at
last have some actual ability, that is remarkably easy, relatively speaking,
to adjust your blood sugars.

Go in with a positive attitude and expect it to work.  Assume that the pump
is "it," and don't look back.  Instead, do look back on this moment, months
from now---I'm sure I'm right that you will be very happy you made the
switch and you will just ask yourself why you ever questioned it and why you
didn't do it sooner!!!!

My absolute best wishes to you!

Barbara Bubar (age 56---51 years of good ol' diabetes)
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