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Re: [IP] Pump exchange

> Heather, thanks one other question - sorry but I notice for the
> batteries you recommend Energizer Brand batteries for the pump and
> remote.  WalMart here only carries the 12 volt in Duracell Brand. 
> Can I use them or can I buy batteries from MiniMed?
Which battery you use is not so much brand dependent as it is their 
"freshness". Any store that regularly rotates its stock will have 
good batteries. Where you get in trouble is the podunct store that 
has had'm layn' around for a year and they have lost capacity.... or 
where they have been stored in moist or hot environments. You are 
probably better off with Walmart which has pretty good turnover vs 
your local Radio Shack that may only sell a few 357's a month or 
year. Our local Walgreens sells them like hotcakes -- I have no idea 
what for.... We've bought both the Duracell's and Everready brand and 
had good luck with them -- also from our local electronics hobby 
store which also seems to sell a lot of them.


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