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Re: [IP] Hello to all

Karol wrote:
I am about to begin pump therapy after 41 years of daily injections. My
hope is more flexibility and freedom in my life. I am so limited now
with the peaks and duration of nph insulin.  How long will it take to tune 
the pump to my lifestyle? I have a Minimed Paradigm.  I go for training on 
July 11 and will begin use that day.  I am 53 years old, an RN, working full 
time in a small town hospital ICU.
Any advice?
Karol Breitholle

Tina replies:

Welcome Karol!  41 years of injections... wow...  You are going to LOVE your 
new pump after all that!  I took to it VERY quickly.  Most likely, being a 
UCI RN, you will too.  Just stay postive and allow yourself some time to 
learn something new that will affect your life in a fantastic way.

I was on regular and NPH before I switched to the pump.  One of the latest 
topics of discussion around here lately has been humalog vs. novolog for 
insulin in pump use.  Either way you go, it beats the heck out of timing an 

I think that like so many subjects in pumpin (insulin type, tapes/adhesives, 
pumps themselves, bg meters, infusion set styles, etc, etc, etc), it all 
depends on personal preference and how your own body will react to something 
(some people here hate the soft canula on the MM sets, I LOVE them).  Don't 
be afraid to ask Mini-Med for a sample of their different types of infusion 
sets for your type of pump - being happy with the set that you choose will 
make a world of difference - and MM will happily provide you with free 
samples to try out.

Don't be afraid to ask questions - of your Endo or of the IP group.  This 
list is a great resource since it's a lot of people who have actually tried 
a lot of different things.  You get real user experience feed back!

Best of luck to you and once again, congrats!

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Be filled by what you've settled for instead.


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