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[IP] Pump exchange

Well, I called Mini-Med last week and started talking to my rep about a pump 
upgrade/exchange.  She called back today and I can pick up the new pump 
(Paradigm) today from their shipping center (which is only about five miles 
from my house), between the insurance coverage (Cigna) and the credit from 
exchanging my 507c the cost to me will be $0 (as in free), and they're also 
letting me exchange the remainder of the supplies that I have for the 507c.

No training, no waiting, no fuss, no worries.

I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow so I'll be taking both pumps with me just 
in case there's any trouble - but this is turning out to be a good day!  
Mini-Med rocks IMHO.

Next on the list...  call Lifescan about coughing up a couple of Ultras and 
some software.

Everyone have a safe and glorious 4th of July weekend - enjoy that fried 
chicken but watch out for the carbs in that potato salad. ;)


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