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[IP] pregnancy and frustration about control

Hi. I haven't posted or read IP in a while, 
but I've got a new dilemma and am hoping for 
some reassurance from others who have been 
through the same thing.

The good news: I am pregnant, after two
years of planning and 8 months of actively
trying. I'm very excited, and so is my 
husband! My first prenatal visit is scheduled 
for Monday the 8th, but last summer before 
we started trying, I went to a perinatal 
office that specializes in high-risk preg-
nancies to talk about diet and blood sugar 
target ranges for pregnancy, which of course 
are lower than for non-pregnant diabetics.
My control is usually quite good, especially
since I went on the pump. My last HbA1c was
6.0%, which is the best it's ever been.

The bad news: my control is not as good as
I would like. It's not awful -- the numbers
I'm getting would not upset me if I weren't
pregnant. But I'm just entering my second 
month of pregnancy and I know that this is 
the most critical period of the pregnancy 
as far as the chance of birth defects is 
concerned. (I'm 38, and will be 39 by the 
time the baby is born, which also increases
the risk of birth defects.) Even though I'm 
doing everything I can think of, I'm not 
meeting the goals I had for control during
pregnancy. For example, the last four days 
in a row I've woken up with a fasting bg 
ranging from 136 - 147, even though I've 
adjusted my overnight basals the last two 
nights and checked during the night. I've 
also had several post-meal spikes up over 
200, which I've caught and treated right away.

The books on pregnancy and books on diabetes 
that I've consulted so far are no help. All 
they talk about is the importance of keeping 
blood sugar between 65 - 95 (fasting) and 
under 130 within an hour after a meal -- not 
what to do if you're not meeting those goals. 
(One book on pregnancy said that diabetic 
women should keep blood sugar between 80-87
during pregnancy. Sheesh. Get real!)

So, to those of you who have actually done
this, how much should I really be worrying?

/Janet Lafler
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