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[IP] sites slip off in water

Sara swims daily (2 hours +) and is a virtuoso at tub soaking. Her sites are
very secure. Here is how she does it.
1. She wipes the area with IV Prep, lets it dry but still sticky...very
important to not move on to the next step while it is wet.
2.She then marks a bull's-eye in the middle of the IV Prep area to insert the
cannula through.
3. She then wipes the area, except the bull's-eye, with Mastisol and lets this
dry (until sticky).
4. She then inserts through the bull's-eye and presses down the "flaps" on the
new set.
No extra tape (we never found one that would stay on in the water as much as
she is in it).
She has no problems with the site coming up before it is time to change. She
actually still has to work off the old ones as they are still stuck long after
the site change is due.
Sara uses Tenders, I do not know if the adhesive they use on the flaps just
likes the Mastisol, IV Prep combination and this is why we get such good
Hope this helps,
Pam, mom to Sara
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